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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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the one convoy comes under fire and what appears to be a rebel held area in syria while washington considers injecting pots of money into the opposition. fresh reports say millions of dollars and training local locals to maintain security in iraq and restoring infrastructure in afghanistan are going to waste as critics attack plans to send u.s. police across unstable regions of the world. and fears of a far right rise in europe's economic gloom and its unemployed trying to neo nazi ism and violence against migrant workers in what were once called havens of multiculturalism.
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and welcome to our team karen it's ten o'clock here in moscow and you want to observe a mission convoy in syria has come under attack by tykes that's according to the world bodies chief ban ki-moon the incident apparently happened in an opposition held area outside the flashpoint city of holmes meanwhile a u.s. state department spokesperson said washington is planning to increase aid on top of a fifteen million dollars package already allocated for the opposition anti assad forces have also called on their foreign supporters to supply them with sophisticated weapons to use against government tanks and aircraft that's amid continuing clashes in the country's northern city of aleppo are both the army and rebel forces claim progress the focus of the battles have shifted to the syrian
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commercial hall but after regime troops flushed out rebels from damascus over a week ago and as artie's acts on a boy to reports the dust is now slowly settling in the capital. the it doesn't take much to set syrians off these days on ash and on a very tight budget residents of damascus are now trying to reclaim the basics they used to take for granted. the rising may have started with political protests but now they're starting to morph into riots economically life is getting harder for ordinary syrians but the rebels targeting supply trucks the price of a gallon of gas has risen four fold in the last few months. so when the pro-government and your attempted to distribute fuel at pre-war prices it found itself overwhelmed by the demand because of all of these. special circumstances that happened lately people maybe get more nervous of course people
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had similar difficulties to get their supplies no no no it's everything is just getting better life is slowly returning to the capital as are the thousands of people who fled the term all there in the past weeks but what they find in their neighborhoods is unlikely to instill much confidence in either of the warring parties the damage inflicted by the clashes to the syrian infrastructure is already asked or made it at the lab and billion dollars and still counting that's almost seventy percent of the country's annual budget you can argue about who's to blame for all this destruction but it's certainly a very high price to pay for any sort of struggle whether it is for democracy or stability and no matter who emerges the winner syrians have already lost the government has promised to help the rebuilding but the scale of destruction and the already flagging economy begs the question of just how fast and how efficient that's reckon struction will be meanwhile some are already starting to lose
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patience muhammad a flower trader has returned home to find all three of his cars burned out he used to calm himself among supporters of the government but now his loyalties are uncertain. i don't support the opposition i want to live here look my father and grandfather but if the government can provide us with peace and security you don't have to move to another country or the government needs to go. he's not somebody who would trade he's implements for a rifle but in his neighborhood youngsters are already being radicalized this police car was set on fire by the rebels the charred remains of an officer still inside only says all government sympathy. there's deserve such a death star wars for a fifteen year old who hasn't finished high school yet. although we want to finish bashar ourselves enough of him in addition to political differences the conflict in syria is also generational the young want to fight while the old struggle to find
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cover. their own we go we stood drank syria into chaos everything was fine now it's only getting worse. the army and the rebels claim they're fighting for a better life but the majority of civilians trapped in between shudder at the thought of how much worse it's going to get before it gets any better than the boy who are reporting from damascus in syria russia's foreign ministry has accused some media outlets of helping the syrian rebels to achieve their goals political analyst dr ostroff says it's a well planned manipulation tactic. it's part of the psychological warfare that the newspapers in washington and new york times washington post is filled with reports and common urging the devils tools to be ready to govern and the warden. for example to use chemical.
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war. facility is the. respect of minorities as if by shouting i said he's going tomorrow but frankly i have some newspapers which dates as back as june two thousand and eleven which to be dictated. by a sharp fall out. these are part of the psychological war. for intervention is something moscow is trying to prevent when it comes to the situation in syria r.t. caught up with russia's human rights envoy constantine of who says a healthy political process as possible only when changes come from within here's a preview of what's to come later this hour. if you definitely different when. certain transformations certain political changes being pushed from.
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then it's a different picture and. we keep reiterating that it's not only russians view that you cannot bring about democracy from the. democracy used to become the result. of certain internal processes. u.s. defense secretary leon panetta is already making plans for one serious president assad is ousted from power he says it's crucial for stability after regime change to keep the country's military intact and not repeat the mistakes america made after invading iraq there the army was disbanded by the u.s. led forces setting loose tens of thousands of militants and now a fresh report says that over two hundred million dollars spent by washington to train iraqi police have gone to waste the u.s.
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is now preparing to send hundreds of its own police across the world to help locals handle security john glaser from antiwar dot com believes the plan is more about control and enrichment than regional stability but normally is this being wasted on a population that doesn't want to intervening but it's also going to what has happened already is that we've propped up this security apparatus in iraq which is has no respect for human rights at all the obama administration had been pressing the maliki government to try and maintain some contingency force there that could have been anywhere from ten thousand to thirty thousand and when the iraqis said no . washington wasn't happy about it they're going to try and keep it as big as possible and as simple when she was possible because otherwise iraq gets outside of our sphere of influence and that is the last thing that washington wants we spend currently. about as much as the rest of the world combined on our military
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six times more than china the next so so much of what we do is waste for but it puts money in the pockets of really rich military industrial complex. organizations and corporations. another drain for the american taxpayer is the ongoing conflict in afghanistan their infrastructure restoration is falling far behind schedule and costing much more than originally estimated analysts jason debt's attributes this to corrupt authorities and poor planning of how funds are spent in afghanistan we've got the same problems we have in iraq but we also have the problems of government corruption being much worse throwing money at it with very little idea where it's going to go or if those programs are going to be successful is is just a recipe for that money being stolen or wasted or just disappearing
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a lot of these programs that just sort of get added ad hoc to say the occupation in iraq or the occupation in afghanistan the administration will come up with something that they think is the reason why the war is going so well and they'll throw some money at that and very rarely do they ever consider if that program is even needed or wanted so hundreds of millions of dollars go wasted. plenty more stories are still ahead for you later this hour including investigating a horrific discovery we delve deeper into the mystery on hundreds of fetuses recently found and barrels of russian wallets and we ask if they are linked to illegal human experiments backdoor abortions or just normal. day in a row a protest in california with an investigation into police after a spate of shootings by officers and which two people died.
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broadcast video for your media project a free video dog r.t. dot com. thanks for being with our team at thirteen minutes past the hour as europe's economic downturn deepens and spreads so to do fears of full scale social unrest fueled by far right ideas already in some countries business people who've moved from abroad have suffered violence from angry jobless who blame migrants for their problems parties peter all over reports from germany. this sleepy town in saxony seems idyllic however even here right wing extremists have made life hell for people who came to this country to set up businesses mohammed came to this town in the east of germany from pakistan to open a pizzeria and both working for him sort of
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a use on the tax hands of local view on a mama by police i have every time we called the police and the police came every time we called them but until now they haven't found anyone they threaten to kill us and now we have a real fear that we cannot continue like this anymore. the pizzeria is now closed after the last attack in early may mohammed explained to me how a group aged between eighteen and twenty five gathered outside the shop near closing time they broke windows and taunted the terrified staff telling them to go home a small explosive device was detonated which fortunately didn't cause any injuries but means the pizzeria is having to undergo an expensive refit. right wing violence on the streets of germany the country saw a rise in extremist violence after reunification in one thousand eight hundred nine followed by an economic slump in the east which caused people to look to the far
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right and the fascist campaign as a warning that jus to europe's current financial predicament we could see a similar rise again our d. is a problem i think today we have facing developments in the i would part of the germany a lot of jobs leads to helplessness and despair which other men ingredients the trend is young handsome flour right ideology but there is a belief among activists that the issue of right wing extremism is being ignored by large numbers of the german people. education is only part of this problem of the need citing as a how to pay more attention to it that there needs to be more options for cultural integration especially for young people. germany's far right national democratic party or n p d faced calls for them to be banned from politics the n.p.t. say that they are vehemently opposed to any organization carrying out violent attacks and are working with young people to try and educate them on the don't
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loiter our message to young people who come to our seminars is that it's not the kabab center who is your enemy but rather the politicians who are at the wheel of the country however those words worms reopen mohammed pizzeria his isn't the only business in this town to face this type of attack but. i came here seven years ago from vietnam and i've been targeted choice use throwing rocks through my windows. as even germany's robust economy starts to really feel the pinch of the eurozone crisis there are concerns that we could see a further guys in social problems in the country areas. peter all over r.t. jenny. over in the united states seems more people are losing their homes struggling in a difficult economy coming up in the next hour max kaiser looks at the country's mortgage crisis and wall street are all in it. so after
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seizing the mortgage condemning it and seizing it the city then they claim will pay a fair market value to the owner of the mortgage which in the most cases is the securitization trust which were already these are all filled with fraud already so they're going to seize these. trust asked the suv house for turkey as going to these tribes are still waiting for the land that the us government promised the one hundred fifty years ago we're going to true we'll go call mother they probably give it to him now it's completely destroyed you know they're not going to make good on the stuff they're just getting the last bit of the possibly can of the pockets out of the couches the sitting on the cushions of these people's houses you've got a lot as you know the vacuum cleaner trying to suck out that last nickel i don't have to go. hundreds of human fetuses discovered in a russian forest were dumped there by
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a state institution as police have determined they were found a week ago in barrels and some of them are up to twenty six weeks old which makes it a criminal case artesian thomas who has been following the shocking discovery explains . police have tracked down the car that they say was responsible for dumping these fetuses in the woods a fetus is supposed to be incinerated because they are classified as class b. bio medical waste as all human tissue is and as such they should be incinerated but in this case because they were wet and soaked in from outside the company decided well it would just be too difficult in this case and so they decided to dump it in the woods these fetuses were all between twenty two and twenty six weeks which is a late term fetus and in russia it's illegal to have an abortion past this stage only in the case of a medical emergency so it doesn't answer the question as why all of these fetuses two hundred forty eight of them were passed this point early on in the
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investigation they were saying this could have been used for legal research or possibly for rejuvenation type experiments illegal stem cell research as well and then we even heard the possibility of illegal human cloning experiments that had gone bad which is why they were dumped in the forest so that there was no trace of where they came from also again still the possibility of an illegal abortion operation happening in the area and trying to cover that up as well so still some more investigation needs to happen but we can put some of those more theories to rest at this time. you can follow the developments in the story on our website where we have even more for you a joke for people with a good sense of humor about how the female man accused of say tanning dances after some performance on moscow's top or the docs church describes their actions we trial court in the city but not everyone agrees with more on the pussy riot case on
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long. bus a work of literally biblical proportions find out how a host of poets writers and musicians have rewritten their own version of the bible . download the official location so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch all its hear all you need is your mobile device you can watch artsy anytime. protesters in california are demanding an investigation into police over a spate of shootings by officers in which two people died over a week ago demonstrators took to the streets for the nine consecutive day and want the state's top attorney to examine the incidents and the whole thing and police department at least nine protesters were arrested on monday from go shares
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a community organizer believes that the town security apparatus is rotten to the core. just this year alone there's been eight killings by the and police department most of those of people who are unarmed will just have been this last week so the people are tired this is not something this is not one one case this is really a systematic problem that's been happening for generations in anaheim in a city where more than half of the population there is latino fifty three percent of the population is let you know they don't have any political representation and they feel that the police department really use you know racial profiling and brutality against them so that's why we saw the community i mean mothers you know with strollers all kinds of people from the community coming out there's only one activist or just people who are completely fed up with the treatment they receive from the police and in response we now see the famous video where the police you know see dogs on people they shot them with rubber bullets these are women and children who were not activists they weren't anarchists they want people trying to
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cause problems they were simply just denouncing the brutality that the police use against their people in their community. time now for some international news in brief for you this hour if. i could or house us the swedish government to question wiki leaks founder julian assange in the south american countries embassy in london and worries over his health he's been holed up there for six weeks trying to avoid extradition to stop where he's wanted over sex allegations which he denies his mother christine is in ecuador to urge the country's leaders to grant her son political asylum saying he's under extreme psychological stress songs fears sweden will extradite him to the u.s. where he could be charged with espionage over a massive leak of classified american files on the internet. militarist city power crisis has sparked a violent protest in various cities across pakistan including the capital islamabad crowds attacked government buildings and started fires in demonstrations against
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one company which supplies three million customers pakistan's government has come under serious criticism over claims it didn't do enough to prevent the storage on monday three hundred million people in india were also left without power for several hours following a blackout. police in sydney have seized over five hundred million us dollars worth of drugs smuggled into the country in a shipment of terra cotta pots they hoard included heroin and the largest haul of crystal meth ever discovered in australia seven people have been arrested and face life in prison if convicted u.s. drug enforcement officers alerted authorities to the plot almost a year ago. same sky high food prices are worrying central banks daniels with us from the business desk what's the story to haron inflation driven by the rising prices will make russia lift its key interest rates according to
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h.s.b.c. bank it will happen by the end of this year as we've reported in the last week drought in major food exporters like the u.s. has hit of it and analysts expect the situation to get worse making russia's twenty twelve inflation target of six percent on realistic later today from human to meets the country's foremost to discuss a checkmark is because russia has just opened flat off the mixed first of corporate results this morning all is good enough to guess first off profit rose thirty percent the rubles opened down to major currencies after a mixed day yesterday the euro remains to the green but asia's with. swing into profit in the second quarter japan's unemployment rate eased in june to four point three percent and russia's hits an unexpected snag ahead of joining the world trade organization next month countries desperately short of civil servants and specialists to fight for the country's rights in the trade body as well to test also explains. russia's journey towards accession to the world trade organization
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has been a long and arduous to say the least eighteen years in the making. to prepare for when the time finally comes but now that it had almost gotten there it's still finds itself well equipped for the changes that this will bring for starters they still need about three hundred civil servants and from several hundred to several thousand. lawyers and economists who are trained in. laws mainly to be able to defend. on the world stage now to fill the shortage find itself having to hire foreign specialists and if it wants to train its own it will take another two years and some nine million euros about twenty to thirty thousand euros for each specialist that it wants to train abroad having these. are already voices from say that there are possible especially regarding industries that have long enjoyed protectionist measures from the russian state. the country that had filed
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a complaint has every right to impose penalties on russia for export duties will certainly be costly for russia now some russian officials say the problem goes all the way back to the education system and others also say that it will be very hard to convince very educated russia. to become a civil servant. within the country after eighteen years again of preparation their only choice is to cram in order to fill that shortage that they have right now. all right thanks for the. letter this hour we'll look at how human rights are protected throughout the world in our special interview it's coming up after view of the top stories.
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everyone wants to be president. whether they're an old lady an engine driver. but it might be quite tricky to get a from c.n.n. cut. because you live out here in siberia.
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and the only way to get to you is by train. if they shoot something inappropriate for public they can easily be shown to accept casualties of war ok. i wish he would have never happened but it has happened. in a war a t.v. camera becomes an unnecessary what destroys their own safety all foreign nationals including journalists and inspectors should leave iran. and this clear what happens with such witnesses i got on my site. many objects to. mostly use shooting on our.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. again these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are on the day.


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